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(Updated January 3, 2014)

Hey, soccer players! Announcing a soccer academy that will take your game to a whole new level! Our experienced coaching staff has fun drills, scrimmages and strategies to improve your game, boost your confidence and prepare you for next season. Call Coach Francisco Today! 707-326-4233


  • Boys Soccer Black Oaks Academy

    Boys and Girls

  • Beginners Welcome

  • Gain Advanced Skills

  • Experienced Coaching

  • Fitness

  • Sportsmanship

The Academy is open to all skill levels, particularly those who have never played before or those who would like to improve. We strive to treat our players like young men and women, with respect, discipline and responsibility. Kids and their parents appreciate the pride and character it builds within them.

Fitness Black Oaks Soccer Academy ladderFor Beginners we provide drills that are fun and help develop basic skills. For advanced players we create game situations with tips and tricks that we have learned.  We are proud of the fact that many of the players who come up with the Black Oaks were recruited by other programs, including high school and university soccer. When you join the Black Oaks Soccer Academy you become a Black Oak for life!

Our Coaching staff is made up of experienced soccer players and coaches from our community, including parents and volunteers. The academy is great for dads and moms who want to be closely involved in their sons’ activities. Over time we have developed the experience in motivating our young men to achieve beyond their potential and thank you for placing your trust in us.

Since 1998 the Black Oaks have worked to build a soccer club that believes in sportsmanship and community service. We chose the mighty Black Oak tree indigenous to California as our symbol for its strength, sheltering branches and deep roots. We are all connected by our passion for soccer, making us stronger and giving us a common purpose. Join us!

Chalkboard strategy black oaks soccerTraining Includes:

  • Basic Skills

  • Advanced Skills

  • Strategy

  • Fitness

  • Teamwork

  • Sportsmanship

Contact Us:

Call Today!  707-326-4233

3 Responses to Soccer Academy

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  3. Jennifer says:

    Interested in signing my son yo for soccer. He’s 4.5 & will be 5 in April. Any information would be greatly appreciated

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