Minutes for 2016 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Board President, Board Members, Parents and Players, Coaches and Assistant Coaches

Introductions and Updates

  • Acceptance of last AGM Meeting from 2015
  • Roll Call (Board President, Board Members, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Parents and Players present)
  • Introduction of Guests

The AGM meeting was a success this year! There was double the amount of people in attendance this year.

Board Member Reports

  • Alex Campbell: Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club has over 20 teams as of today. Alex announced that he’s stepping down as the president of the board. Due to the fact that the club is getting bigger, the board is getting bigger. Alex let everyone know that there was a letter that was created in regards of the changes of the club. There was also a survey for the parents to fill out in regards to customer service and how the club is doing. The website has a section where all the changes to the club are noted. We have to go by the policies of the By-Laws.
  • Francisco: Thank You to all the parents for attending this meeting. I want to talk about the new changes in the 2016 in regards to the changes in age for the players.
    • There’s a few changes in regards to the Player evaluation:
      • There’s 32 players born in 2008 we will be making 3 teams.
      • There’s 32 players born in 2007.
      • There’s 27 players born in 2006
      • There’s 18 players born in 2005
      • There’s 67 players born in 2004
      • There’s 57 players born 2003
      • There’s 23 players born in 2002

On Sat, January 23 and 24 there are going to be evaluations for the players at Piner High School. Parents were given pamphlets with the information about the evaluations and times and location.

The new changes this year will affect players 11 years and under. The game will be played in a smaller soccer field. No goalie or referees will be required at these games. Having smaller fields and fewer players and not having a referee and a goalie means that the players will get more touches on the ball.

All the clubs in the area are making these changes. We are making these changes as of 2016 to make sure that we are ready.

If you attend tournaments in 2016 they will be enforcing these changes as well.

We are evaluating players for this exact reason. We are doing well as a club. If there’s something that you don’t agree with, please bring it up to the club. Please bring up any issues so that we can help you. We are learning but we are here to improve and our vision is to take these players to college. We are evaluating the players on technique only. To place them on the right level for them, for their success.

Francisco stated the following, “ I observed a game where some players were never getting sub out, some players were on the bench the whole time.” This will be a more fair way that players can get a chance to play more. Players on a bench will not be able to improve. Players need game time to improve their skills. We need the support of the parents.

On Evaluation Day:

We need you there 30 minutes before so that we can register the players and have successful evaluations.

We had coaches leave the club due to financial reasons. We charge parents/players less money. we cannot compete with other clubs in terms of coaches compensations. We try offering other things for the coaches in terms of things that they can use to develop themselves.

The Gas and hotel is optional for the parents, it’s not mandatory. If you get together with the team and they agree that they want to pay for the coach, that’s up to the parents and the team.

This year’s Registration:

We do registration as a team. New cards, registration, league fee. March 2016 is spring league. We have to have the teams formed, all players should be registered and all players should already have their player cards.

Incident-A team last year was Charging $100 for each player in the team to sign up. When it was only $700 for the team to sign up regardless of how many players were on team. There was players in the team that were not registered to play, the parent payed, the player payed, but the club found out that this particular player was not legally registered to play.

We want to be organized, transparent, and make sure that we do things by the book. We want to be able to keep our license and fields. We have a great relationship with the clubs in the area. We are working on organizing ourselves to do college show casings and work with the players that are 15 years old and older. We don’t want players to leave to other clubs, we want to be able to provide this opportunities for players. There’s programs out there through NorCal PDP information is given to coaches. They are not looking to take the players away but rather this is opportunity for the players. The players don’t have to be in a club like Santa Rosa United to go professional. They can belong to a club like Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club.

Evaluations: Will be based evaluations on Technique. The kids will be placed in the following categories: Premier, gold, silver, bronze.

Registration – Will be held on one day only February 6, 2016. $200 registration for spring league and player cards for the entire year. This will include 2 practice jerseys, and a pair of shorts. The player would have to pay for the fall league but not for the cards. The players must wear the practice jerseys to practice. This is a must!!!!!!! Old players need to wear green shirt and we can take a photo. New players need to bring birth certificate and fill out registration form and take a photo.

Monthly Fee’s: The monthly fee is $40 a month per player, $10 of this will go to the club. The coach will get the rest. We made many exceptions due to the amount a family would pay for each player. The problem was when it was time to volunteer, or help out in a work party, no one would show up. If a parent comes to us and needs help, we can help in other ways. We don’t have the funds to offer scholarships to players. But we are willing to help parents in other ways to help them be able to afford the monthly fees. There are many fees that the club needs to pay. The referees are charging more. There was almost 20,000 dollars payed to the referees in the 2015. We offer classes for referee for parents and players over a certain age.

Bathrooms- We will be ordering portable bathrooms for the players that will remain locked and only to be used for the club members. The registration increased is due to the fact that all these changes are happening as well as purchases that are a must.

Volunteer from parents: Parents can help maintain the fields, come out and help when the club needs it. Parents can also help volunteer to get a discount from the club for their player.

Spring league: 13 and over players will have their first game around March 12, 2016. We want to be ready with every player registered and have all the player cards, and teams formed.

Borrowing players: No borrowing players on league games. For tournaments you can borrow players, but please don’t have players that are on team roster on the bench because you are playing your borrowed players.

The goal: We are doing this as a club to help the players and for a better prize! We want to improve as a club, we don’t want to imitate any other club but we do want to improve the game, develop the players. Let’s have consideration for the other teams, players, coaches, referees. We are a representation of Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club. We don’t need to go to school to learn respect and moral responsibility. The players are kids, never pushed the children to do harm to other players. We are not creating soldiers, we are creating players. We cannot control other players, teams and players, but please take in consideration that this is not the way Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club members conducts themselves.

Practice Jerseys for Players and Coaches: Players and coaches must wear their practice jerseys otherwise they will be sent home. No exceptions!!!!!

Uniforms this year: Because of the current expenses this year, we are holding to change uniforms until next year 2017. The store where we used to purchase the uniforms with Santa Rosa Soccer has closed. I’m not sure about how we can purchase the uniforms. We are thinking of new store. We will give you updates as soon as we have it.

  • Matt (Coaching Director) will be doing evaluations. Matt talked to the club stated the following, “ This is a good thing we are taking the club on the right direction.”

Questions from parents:

  • So you are taking the teams apart?

Francisco’s response: “We are adapting to what the league is asking. We want to make better teams, based on the evaluations and where the player will benefit from the most. Players will not have to compete against older players. They will be placed in the right age group as well as technique level. We want the players to have more time to play in the game.”

  • Will the club be able to help with paying for my kid, if I have more than one?

Francisco’s response: “Fees will be the same for all the players. We cannot do scholarships, due to financial reasons.”

Committee Reports

Proposals for changes by the By-Laws

●        Expansion to the board from 5 members to 7 members

  • Alex Campbell proposes to the group that the board get expanded to more members. We need to elect the board so that they can make policies and rules of the club. Alex Campbell put the changed into motion Maria Valencia second the motion. All members agreed and the motion carries that the board goes from 5 members to 7 members. Ballets were given to parents to vote for board members.

Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club parents/members agreed to expand the board from 5 members to 7 members! The filled out their ballets and turned for a count.

Election of At Large Board Members

New Business            ●        Alex Campbell will be stepping down as the president of the Board for Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club. Alex will remain on the board and will be focusing this areas: Coaching course, first aid, concussions, tournament given by Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club, organizing a fundraiser at the end of the year for players that can’t offer to play.

Alex will be focusing on coaching courses, first aid, education on concussions, a tournament given by Black Oaks, and also organizing a fundraisers.

Results of the Elections


  • Gustavo 15
  • Maria 11
  • Francisco 17
  • Yeni 7
  • Hilda 12
  • Mayra 8
  • Stephany 11
  • Rubi 1

As the meeting approved expanding the board to 7 members, the top 7 directors elected in the meeting have been ratified as the new board for 2016.

Good of the game


Next Annual meeting will be held on January 14, 2017  Next AGM meeting will be held on January 14, 2017! Place TBD

Parent’s suggestions!            . A parent by the name of Eduardo came up to me to suggest that next AGM that we have the minutes from the previous year for them to review and approve. He states that he doesn’t feel comfortable approving minutes to which he doesn’t have access to.

Have the minutes handy for the parents on the next AGM

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