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Annual General Meeting Notes 3/16/15

Annual General Meeting

March 14, 2015

Transcript of Speech by Alex Campbell, President, Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the inaugural Annual General Meeting for the Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club.  Thank you all for coming and we regret that more could not be here, but spring league games have already started and some teams are traveling today.  But we are grateful to all who have shown up. If some of you haven’t already noticed, because many of you are more comfortable speaking Spanish, I have prepared a translation for this speech, which you can get at the table in the back, so if some of you who are bilingual can point that out, thank you.

My name is Alex Campbell serving as the Acting President for the Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club. This meeting is to help organize the leadership of the club moving forward, and on an annual basis it will be a democratically-styled venue in which we will elect members for the Board of Directors, hear from our members, make decisions and conduct important club business. Now, I have never done this before, and I’m sure most of you have never held a meeting like this, but part of what we are doing here today is to learn about the reason for these meetings. Black Oaks Youth Soccer has established itself as an independent soccer club, incorporated in the State of California, and we have worked this past year to file the appropriate documents to become a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Public Charity under the IRS.

This meeting is primarily for the members of the club, which include each player and/or their legal guardian, coaches and members of the board of directors. At this point we have invited the public as a way to keep an open dialogue with members from our community and we invite your cooperation, partnerships and ideas.

Together we have worked since 2013 to build this youth soccer club.  And I want to say a little bit about the vision and philosophy of our club.  I grew up in Santa Rosa and my father coached our soccer team growing up.  This idea of parents, family members and older soccer players giving back to the sport they love, providing more opportunities for young players to play high-quality, competitive soccer, is at the core of what we do.  And it’s working.  Our Black Oaks Youth Soccer teams now compete toe-to-toe against the elite clubs in our region.  Our best players and coaches are actively recruited by other clubs, but at the same time we have new players transferring from other clubs because they are hearing good things about us. So it is working.

My vision is this: We want to create a club that allows parents and soccer players the opportunity to give back to the sport they love by helping the next generation. When we have these types of people involved in the leadership of our club, they will care more about the final product, they won’t be doing it necessarily to make a living, or working at a job for the money. This is the type of business model that will keep our costs down, sustain our new club and give it shape going forward that will map out our future. And we continually need more help, help in organizing activities that contribute to a positive, safe and fun environment for our children, whether its management, purchasing, sales, fundraising, recruiting, accounting, coaching, food concessions, events, parties, who knows, even a professional soccer team someday? Organizing the finances is important too, and there are elements of this club that need to be operated like a business on a professional basis, like making budgets, establishing fair purchasing policies. But the more parents, family members and volunteers that take part in the leadership of the club, the more we will be able to keep costs down and remove the financial barrier to competitive soccer. There are so many aspects of what we do that could be developed further and each of you might have a unique talent that could contribute to the growth of our club.  So if any of you have an interest in participating at the board level please put your name and phone number on the sign-up sheet at the back.

I would also like to spend a moment to talk about community service, which I feel strongly about. I would like to instill a pride in our club for being an important member of the community.   It may be difficult to define at this moment, but I think our club is already helping the community. For example, by choosing Jennings Park as our home field, if you look around, a few years ago the park was in much worse shape than it is now. Less and less are we seeing vagrants living here, partying here, drinking alcohol and who knows what else. We have helped keep the fields clean and provide a positive presence in this park that has helped improve the surroundings. At the same time, our players receive a positive soccer experience that is a good stepping stone to adult life, keeping them away from video games, getting off the couch, staying active, making friends, staying healthy and having fun. So, already I think we are making a difference. But, imagine, with a club like this, the people we have, what else could be possible by working together.


A roll call is what we do to make sure we have a decent showing from our members here.  First, do we have any players here?  Please raise your hands.  Players, we are proud of you the most, because the reason we are all here today is to give you the best opportunity, experience, training and foundation to become the best soccer player you can be. All you need to do is to listen to your coaches and parents, show up for practice and games, try your hardest, and most importantly have fun! We would like to have our younger members take a more active role in the leadership of the club and are looking for ideas, so we hope to see you here every year.

Next, I’d like to address the parents.  Please raise your hands.  Parents, you are the people who make our club work. You dedicate your child, your time, and your money, a decision that is the foundation for our club. In fact, this club was founded by parents who want to ensure their child receives the best soccer experience possible, and many of our coaches and board members are parents, aunts, uncles and other family members. We invite all parents to take part in the leadership, whether as a volunteer or as a board member. If not, just please keep coming to our annual meetings, inviting friends, sharing photos and news on social media, making sure your child is wearing their Black Oaks practice jersey, and paying your dues on time.  While I am addressing our parents, another important thing we need to ask our parents is that as a club we are growing and we are having a shortage of field space. We ask each of the parents to approach their schools to get permission for some of our teams to use their fields for practice. Parents, the reason you are here today is that you want the best for your child and by showing your commitment and bringing them back every year; this is the ultimate measure of success for our club. So, thank you.

Coaches – Raise your hands.  To each and every one of you, I thank you.  You are the ones who work almost every day year-round to keep your team active and prepared for each season, practicing 2 times a week, sometimes more, games on the weekends, practice games and tournaments. At the same time, you have brought your talent as a coach to the Black Oaks, and the results have shown on the field as many of our Black Oaks teams now compete head-to-head with top teams from around California.

As part of our commitment to our coaches, Saturday May 16 from 10 AM to 4 PM we are holding our second-ever coaching course, a one-day course right on this field. A certified instructor from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America will teach the course, and each graduate will receive a diploma and certification for youth soccer coaching. We did this last year and it was a great time learning new ideas, getting to know each other, and working as a group so that we can offer a consistent coaching experience for all our teams with the latest coaching techniques. The best news is that unlike last year, the club will cover costs for the course, but it is mandatory that each coach attend this training. Also, parents and assistant coaches are invited to attend so please talk to us or your coach if you are interested. While I am recognizing the coaches, I also want to recognize the Assistant Coaches and Managers and thank them for all their hard work.


This is the part of the meeting when we acknowledge any guests who we have invited, or who have invited themselves and would like to be recognized. Since we invited the public in general, but no one specifically, I would like to invite any guests to introduce themselves at this time.


Since this is our first meeting, we have no previous minutes. But a copy of this speech along with any notes of election results, decisions and comments made will be published on our website and recorded in our club documentation for review and acceptance at next year’s meeting.


Next, can I have our Board Members step forward?  I would like to introduce our acting board of directors and invite them to say a few words if they choose.  First, I’d like to introduce Joe Marquez, who has served as an advisor to our club.  Joe was a long-time director for Laguna Youth Soccer Club, where the first Black Oaks youth teams were formed, which later merged with Santa Rosa South. So he has decades of experience in youth soccer and has given valuable support to our club, particularly with field permits. Next, I would like to introduce Veronica Vargas, who some of you might have met already. This year she has agreed to help collect club dues at the field. She is also a manager for our U10 team and has two sons playing for the Black Oaks.

Now for the board members: Hilda Gomez our Secretary and Registrar could not be here today as she is the manager for her son’s team which is playing in the Bay Area. Hilda also has 2 young daughters who we expect will be Lady Oaks one day soon. Next, Gustavo Valencia serves as Vice President of the Club.  He is the coach for his son’s team, the Little Black Oaks, which are not so little anymore.  He has been a consistent supporter of the club and board, doing a lot of the dirty work and helping to get the fields ready for league play. He and I have been to a couple league meetings together and he has been a good friend. Thank you, Gustavo! Next, I’d like to introduce someone, who if I had to choose an MVP for our club, I would choose this lady.  From the beginning Maria Valencia has filled many of the gaping holes in our club, serving as Registrar, Secretary and Treasurer, working week in and week out to get our teams ready to play in the league, making player cards, and handling the bookkeeping for the club, a massive job for which we can never truly repay her. We are working to get her more help, but Maria, thank you!  Finally, I’d like to introduce someone many of you already know.  He has been at the center of the formation of this organization, bringing his vast experience, expertise, knowledge and relationships within the soccer community. He has been a longtime coach, coaching the academy, the Lady Oaks, and countless other jobs to help bring us all together here today. He has coached his four children that have played for the Black Oaks and Lady Oaks. More than anyone else, he has been a founder for this club, Francisco Vallejo.


One of the founding requirements for our club involves developing a set of rules or By-Laws, which are also called Articles of Incorporation. This document is now published on our website at  So following the meeting, please take a moment to visit our website and read through this important document.

This document is not perfect. We borrowed language from what other clubs have done. Honestly I feel there are several mistakes that need to be corrected and amended, but it must be done with the approval of the entire club. You may read the document and want to propose changes yourself, which we can do at the next meeting.

For example, the club would enjoy more assistance at the board level, and it may be useful for the club to expand the number of board members from 5 to 7. Do I hear a motion to expand the number of board members? If so, we can vote on this today…


Normally our annual meetings will take place earlier in the year, no later than January 15, but as we were still organizing the foundation of the club, we did not anticipate this date in time, but as the Acting President for the Club, I made the decision to make our best efforts to conduct our club business in accordance with our by-laws.  Henceforth, I called this Special Meeting as our first Annual General Meeting to conduct a vote of confidence in this board to conduct business for the coming year.

At this point, I ask for each of the members who have received a ballot for the meeting to mark their choices for Board of Directors and turn them into our Officer of Elections. They will Talley up the votes and the results will be available after the meeting and published on our website.


At this point, I would like to open the meeting up to new business and open comments from our members and the public. But before I do so, I would like to offer further proof that what we are doing is working. I have some good news. Late last year we submitted our application to the IRS to receive Non Profit Status, a process which took me most of last year to complete. On February 24, 2015 we received a letter from the IRS declaring that the Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club is now officially a Non-Profit Public Charity under IRS Rule 501(c)3.

Would anyone like to raise new business for the club?


This is an area I won’t address specifically because it seems like we are confronted with these issues continually. However, if anyone would like to make a comment, you are free to do so at this time.

I personally would like to ask for more volunteers to help us improve Jennings Park, so we have more grass, less holes and better irrigation. We have done some work the past two seasons, but obviously it’s going to take a more significant effort to make these improvements permanent.


To finish off the meeting, I would like to say that I have looked at the calendar for 2016, and plan to schedule our next annual meeting to tentatively take place here again on January 9, 2016. Thank you everyone for coming and for your continued support. This meeting is adjourned.

Results of voting:

  1. Gustavo 14
  2. Francisco 13
  3. Alex 13
  4. Maria 12
  5. Hilda 10
  6. Juan Oceguera 4
  7. Joaquin Tinoco 1


  1. Joaquin and other parents suggested we need to clean, maybe lock porta potties, offer locks to coaches
  2. Titans thanked the goalie coach Arturo for the training
  3. Joaquin suggested that everyone should volunteer to help with the field, not just people with skills.
  4. Next meeting Winter, January 9, 2016 (tentatively)

List of Attendees

  1. Luis Soto
  2. Juan Oseguera
  3. Felix Rojas
  4. Irene Rojas
  5. R—- V.
  6. Angelica Lopez
  7. Matt Brabetz
  8. Juan M. Godinez (Johann Godinez)
  9. Luisa Villagomez
  10. Maria Valencia
  11. Gustavo Valencia
  12. Veronica Vallejo (Anthony Vargas)
  13. Jasmin Gomez
  14. Nohemi Palomino (Axel Guzman)
  15. Juan Abrica (Alexis Abrica)
  16. Erisabel Flores
  17. Jose Chavez
  18. Antonio Vargas (Manual Anthony Vargas)
  19. Jose A. Pimento
  20. Graciela Diaz (Nathanoel B.)
  21. Ladislao Arellano
  22. Alexis Arellano
  23. Omar Arellano
  24. Josue Cabrera (596-2931)
  25. Ismael Ortega Araceli Cabrera)
  26. Jorge L.Ch.R. (Giovanni Chavez)
  27. Palmoa (sp?) Sanchez
  28. Morelia Gaspar
  29. Miguel Gar… (SP?)
  30. Susana Dominguez (Christian Mojica)
  31. Joaquin Tinoco

Field Volunteers

  1. Juan Abrica 477-2110
  2. Graciela Diaz 596-2461
  3. Silverio Guzman 304-6831
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