Locally Grown Soccer

Established as a Non-Profit Organization  in 2015, since 1998 the Black Oaks have worked to build a soccer club that believes in sportsmanship and community service. We chose the mighty Black Oak tree indigenous to California as our symbol for its strength, sheltering branches and deep roots. We are all connected by our passion for soccer, making us stronger and giving us a common purpose.

Youth Soccer – For the past 10 years the Black Oaks have been developing youth soccer teams and in 2013 our dream was realized by establishing the Black Oaks as an independent youth soccer club.  Thank you to all the parents, coaches, players and volunteers who have helped in this progress. Join Us!


A group of friends, high school and college buddies got together in 1998 in downtown Santa Rosa to start an adult soccer team and pledge to help build a field as a memorial for Peter N. Eiermann, an entrepreneur and father of four who passed away before his time. Peter who enjoyed soccer and rugby embodied the image of community service and served as a role model for our club. With the non-profit For Pete’s Sake and the Santa Rosa Rugby Club we supported the launch of a non-profit organization and field project which was completed in 2005 and is used today by the local Rugby & Soccer community.

Many hands too numerous to name contributed to this effort which continues to this day with new teams, coaches, parents, youth, men and women who share this vision for building the local soccer community through hard work and sportsmanship. This page is dedicated to the current and former team members, friends, family and the wider community who work to keep this dream alive. Once an Oak, Always an Oak!

Our mascot, The California Black Oak, is a deciduous tree growing in mixed evergreen forests, oak woodlands, and Coniferous forests. Black Oaks have been particularly vulnerable to Sudden Oak Death Syndrome, one of the reasons why we sought to bring attention to this type of tree. To us the Black Oak symbolizes a local, grass-roots organization indigenous to California representing a strong, vigilant protector of the natural beauty for the place we call home.

The California Black Oak is distributed along foothills and lower mountains of California and southern Oregon. They are found from Lane County, Oregon, south through the Cascade Range, the Sierra Nevada, and the Coast, Transverse, and Peninsular ranges to San Diego County, California and into Baja California.

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