NOTE: All coaches, players and guardians will be required to sign this agreement to adhere to the club’s code of conduct.

Soccer players shaking handsCOACHES/PLAYERS

  • Play the game for the game’s sake.
  • Be generous when you win.
  • Be gracious when you lose.
  • Obey the rules of the game.
  • Accept the decisions of the officials.
  • Work for the good of the team.
  • Conduct yourself with honor and dignity.
  • Applaud the efforts of your teammates AND your opponents.


  • Children have more need for the good example than criticism.
  • Make athletic participation for your child, and others, a positive learning experience.
  • Attempt to relieve the pressure of competition, not increase it.
  • Be courteous to the officials and coaches. The coaches are giving their time, energy, and money.
  • Applaud good play of players on either team.
  • Do not question the judgment or honesty of any official.
  • Accept the results of each game and teach your child to learn good sportsmanship.

Good sportsmanship is expected from all persons. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents, and other spectators. Coaching must be done in a positive manner. Let the referees officiate the game. Any dissent will be dealt with strongly by a caution or immediate ejection from the game.

NO foul or abusive language will be allowed. Breaking this rule will result in a player being ejected from the game without warning. PLEASE NOTE this applies to coaches as well. A player “red carded” is automatically suspended from his/her next game. In addition, the Club President may extend the suspension. Violent conduct will normally result in suspension for the remainder of the season.




I have read the Black Oaks Youth Soccer Club Code of Conduct. I understand that my child and all spectators will be expected to comply with all rules, and that persistent infringement by parents or guardians could result in the player’s expulsion from his/her team.


Print Player Name:

Player Signature:                                                                                Date:


Parent/Guardian Signature:                                                             Date:


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