Matt Sokol’s Father Recognizes Team at Memorial Service

The Black Oaks Soccer Club turns out to remember one of its fallen heroes.

It was a proud moment when the Black Oaks were asked to rise during the Memorial Service today for Matt Sokol. Hundreds turned out to remember the loss of a valuable member of our community.

The event was announced the day before by the daily paper and word spread. A teacher for Santa Rosa Schools, Matt touched the lives of hundreds of children and their families. Fellow teachers came forward with stories of what a wonderful teacher he was; how much he loved the students and teaching. Matt was passionate about fishing and fishing buddies showed up with stories. Particularly tragic was that Matt married just weeks ago, and his widow Sarah bravely rose with her family to share her grief and thank the community. Matt knew hundreds of people through soccer and many old teammates, coaches and players turned out, including members of his 1980 Santa Rosa United Youth Soccer Team, members of Safari FC who were on the field with him last week, and the Montgomery High School team he coached. Matt’s father Nick, mother Michelle and sister Annie told many poignant stories about Matt’s life. Matt’s father thanked the Black Oaks and teammates John Ryan and Rob Nied for helping the family through their grief. After watching him play soccer all his life, Nick said he would miss watching Matt play out there and plans to watch the team tomorrow.

The Black Oaks remember their fallen comrade Matt SokolMatt Sokol died a hero playing soccer for the Black Oaks. This is a debt that can never be repaid. We will keep Matt alive in our hearts as we endeavor to play soccer, continue his good deeds and enjoy life, the way he did. We will always be proud that Matt Sokol was a member of the the Black Oaks. It’s because of players like him that the Black Oaks have grown and continues its success for more than a decade. Losing him has only brought us closer together. Matt, thank you for leaving such a powerful legacy to the community and to our soccer club.

Help us pay our respects to Matt tomorrow at 12:45 PM with a bagpipe salute at For Pete’s Sake Field adjacent to Northwest Community Park. Immediately following the Black Oaks play NorCal at 1 PM. Bring a picnic, BBQ, ice chests, folding chairs. Show up early and stay late for a full day of watching Sonoma County Masters Soccer League action and join us in celebrating the life of Matt Sokol.

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