Black Oaks Remember Player/Coach Jesse Garcia (1956-2012)

It was a big surprise and heartbreaking to hear that Jesse Garcia died Saturday July 14 in a horrific auto accident, covered in the Press Democrat. Jesse was the team leader for a senior team that helped expand the Black Oaks during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. A fun, intelligent teammate who played at a high level his entire life beyond the age of 50. It was fun playing with him and all the other excellent soccer players he brought along with him, including his brothers and long-time friends. Childhood friend Thomas Cruz, in an interview with the Press Democrat, called him a “fierce defender” but he was an even tougher opponent. He played on many teams and usually became the outspoken leader no matter where he played, often leading from the sidelines and on the field. Through these many, teams, games and tournaments he touched many lives and leaves behind a large, extended family in Santa Rosa and Windsor. Many are devastated by his loss and the controversy behind it, as covered by the Press Democrat. Thank you, Jesse, for sharing the vision of locally grown soccer and making an important contribution to the greater soccer community. You will be missed by many. ===>;Continue Reading at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat

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