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WELCOME: Non-Profit Organization established in 2015. Since 1998 the Black Oaks have worked to build a soccer club in Santa Rosa, California that stands for sportsmanship, teamwork and community service. We chose the mighty California Black Oak tree as our symbol for its strength, sheltering branches and deep roots. We are all connected by our passion for soccer, making us stronger and giving us a common purpose.

YOUTH SOCCER For the past 10 years the Black Oaks have been developing youth soccer teams and in 2013 our dream was realized by establishing the Black Oaks as an independent youth soccer club. Thank you to all the parents, coaches, players and volunteers who have helped in this progress. Join us! Click Here

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11 Responses to Welcome

  1. arefaine says:

    When are the try outs. My son has alredy registered

    • Alex Campbell says:

      Thanks for writing. Please use the Contact Us page

      or contact one of our coaches in your age group listed on that page. This way we can contact you directly. If you registered and don’t have a contact with the club or a coach in your age group, then something isn’t right. We look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Jenika says:

    Hi I have an 10 year old that is turning 11 on sep 24th . Se would like to join. Please let me know when sign ups are .
    Jenika Navas-Casillas

  3. godwin yeko says:

    your team is doing great

  4. RAPHEAL says:

    hello am RAPHEAL from nigeria ,want to knw , if you people develop players of 21 yrs in your club

  5. aayush gajurel says:

    Hi i am aayush i am 16 years old and i love to play soccer but couldn’t find place to play..i am not that bad..can i join..if yes whats the requirement??

  6. Sally says:

    when are your tryouts because my thirteen-year-old son wants to play

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